Domains verification (June/2018)

This month we are introducing something new. We are going to actively check all domains hosted on server .- Okay, cool, what does this have with me?We are going to remove next types of sites: Expired domains Domains that are not pointing to us  Inactive sites (like "Index of /") Inactive sites with only empty Wordpress instalation Sites ... Read More »

4th Jun 2018
New approval system (01/2018)

January 2018. New approval system.With starting this year, we also have something new to introduce to you. Viewen, is going to change a little bit direction how we are going to approve new services. Now, you'll have to detailed provide any info request from us, to make your web live.Let's take this on example store/shop: From now, if you want to ... Read More »

2nd Jan 2018