Dead Wordpress Website


Dont Worry, We Have A Solution For you that Works ! :)

Follow The Steps Below to Restore The Website :

  • Enter Your cPanel 
  • Click On "Multi PHP Manager"
  •  Click On "Tick Box" Next To The Website You Say Is Dead
  • Then When It Is Ticked, Click On PHP-70 On Your Right Side, It Is A Drop Down, Select PHP 56 (Also Called PHP 5.6)
  • Save Changes

Done ! 

Q: What Happened ?

A: Actually  We Have PHP 7 by set by default, which can cause issues with your wordpress website, thus crashing it, however if you switch back to 5.6 , The website will restore because this version is Universally compatable, it's been in use for more than 12 Years ! 

Any Further Queries ? Let Me Know ! 

Kind Regards,

Muhammad Afzaal Afridi
~ Mayor Of Chicago
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