• Tirsdag, Januar 2, 2018
January 2018. New approval system.

With starting this year, we also have something new to introduce to you.
Viewen, is going to change a little bit direction how we are going to approve new services. Now, you'll have to detailed provide any info request from us, to make your web live.

Let's take this on example store/shop: 
From now, if you want to register web space for your shop or store, first you must have premium TLD domain (.com .net .org .me etc..). Second, and more important thing, you must provide us documents that you are owner of shop, registered info, about your company or something simmilar. 
We think you're getting point. For every company website, you'll need to provide us documents of ownership (not just domain, as before, now that includes a company also). 

Now, lots of you are going to ask: Why? Why is Viewen changing rules?
There's not something like Viewen on internet - because that we want to all of clients be fully secured which is one of reasons we'll probabbly shut down support for free domains. We want to all of our clients be fully and totally satisfied with Viewen and most important thing to make uptime 99%. 

All questions are welcome. You can contact us on our official Facebook group or trough tickets system.